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My name is Kurt Menard, owner and lead developer of Road To Success. Your journey is different and unique, just like mine. I hope that sharing a piece of my life with you will help us form our first bond, so maybe one day, I can hear your story too. Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy this interactive glimpse of my last 7 years.

A New Path

I was a full-time EMT, and like many others checking out this page, I had dreams of doing more with my life. I wanted to build a life where I could work for anyone, anywhere, at any time. That’s when I looked more into web design. A new passion was born. I want to create the most stunning websites around.

New Studies

I took my first steps by taking online courses through Treehouse. I spent over a year studying programs while working as an EMT. I learned core skills like HTML, CSS, design theory, prototyping, web typography, WordPress, and more. These courses gave me enough core knowledge to get to the next chapter.

Baby Steps

My journey as a freelancer begins. I launch Road To Success and start building my first websites. I originally started building using strictly custom code, but quickly evolve to using WordPress as my specialty. Just for fun, check out my first website to see how far I’ve come in my development journey.

Future Plan

For the past 2 years, I’ve put in the hard time to build a reputation, secure a strong portfolio, fine-tune my skills, and plan ahead for the future of Road To Success. I want to build sites that make people pay attention, for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes and types. For now, I’ll continue to gain momentum while I work as an EMT.

A New Life

People are loving their new websites and spreading the word about Road To Success. Between local businesses and white label work for other web design companies, I’m able to leave my job and commit full time to producing top-tier websites for people who are ready for change. I feel like I’m really making a difference out here.

Work Romance

My beautiful wife decides to join me on the web journey. I begin to teach her everything that I know about design and development so we can form the ultimate super-team. We’re pulling late nights and diving deeper into the realm of what’s possible with a website, and our bond gets stronger every day.

New Focus

Road To Success has never been more capable than right now. Starting the journey 7+ years ago, we’ve developed a process that gives you exactly what your looking for. We make websites that bring you back into the moment. With focus on the finer details, people notice, and when they notice, they choose you.

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