A Non-Profit's Dream

Road To Success Web Design has decided to develop a program that is going to help thousands of non-profits across the United States. The idea is that non-profits will have their website completely built for free. The only expense that they will see is for their monthly hosting expenses.

A single page website was developed to bring this idea to life. The site includes some pretty wild features, such as “Ken Burns” effect backgrounds, motion features activated by cursor movement, and animated headings. The site also includes some hidden features, such as a full length questionnaire that’s sent to interested customers. The form collects all the information needed to start the website design, then sends the collected info to a secure email.

Road To Success Web Design is very happy with the outcome of this website. The program is fully up and running and is now accepting requests from non-profits to build free websites. It’s time to make this world a better place!