T.A.D Promotional

Building A Social Brand

A promotional services manager was looking to build a website that would make their company stand out from the rest of the crowd. They were looking for a website that would showcase their skills along with the wide variety of services that they provide. No photography was available for this design.

After meeting with the client several times, a front-end website was build using WiX website builder. A single page layout was used to highlight a limited set of content. The site features several animations on the desktop version along with a motion graphic background that really brings this page to life. Live statistics were added to several locations to really showcase the kind of exposure this company can bring to a small business.

TAD Promotional Services

The promotional services manager was ecstatic about the new design. He explained how much of a drastic difference this website will make for their company and continuously refers Road To Success Web Design to their other clients. The manager was very appreciative of this new website, now making regular contact just to touch base about the success of their company.